Rabbit (Raine) by Nina Raine Comedy/Drama
Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire Drama
Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings, The by Nellie McCaslin Fantasy
Rabbits (Auletta) by Robert Auletta
Race by Barry Edelstein adapted from original from Ferdinand Bruckner Drama
Rachel and Ruthie by Karen Sokolof Javitch Comedy/Drama
Racing Demon by David Hare Drama
Radiance of a Thousand Suns: The Hiroshima Project, The by Anne V McGravie, Dwight Okita and Nicholas A Patricca Drama
Radiant Abyss, The by Angus MacLachlan Drama
Radio Daze (Canhoto) by Joao Canhoto Comedy
Radio Daze (McNichols) by Shirley McNichols Comedy
Radio Free Emerson by Paul Grellong Dark Comedy
Radio Gals by Mike Craver and Mark Hardwick Musical
Radio Golf by September Wilson Drama
Radio Razzle-Dazzle by Steph DeFerie Comedy
Radio TBS by Mark Landon Smith Comedy
Radium Girls by D W Gregory Comedy/Drama
Rafferty Rescues the Moon by June Anderson, Larry Kirwan and Edward Kortis Fantasy
Raft of the Medusa by Joe Pintauro Drama
Rag and Bone by Noah Haidle Drama
Rag Dolls by R Eugene Jackson Drama
Ragged Dick by Neal Bell Drama
Raggedy Ann and Andy by Patricia Thackray Fantasy
Rags to Riches by Aurand Harris and Glenn Mack adapted from original from Horatio Alger Childrens Play
Ragtime by Terrence McNally, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens adapted from original from E L Doctorow Musical
Ragweed Cowboy Joe by I E Clark Melodrama
Rain by John Colton and Clarence Randolph Drama
Rain Dance by Lanford Wilson Drama
Rain, Some Fish, No Elephants by Y York Comedy
Rainclouds Study the Ten Commandments, The by Sylvia Lee Paull Drama
Rainmaker, The by N Richard Nash Comedy
Rainy Afternoon, The by William Inge Drama
Rainy Day People by Todd McCullough Comedy
Raised in Captivity by Nicky Silver Comedy
Raisin In the Sun, A by Lorraine Hansberry Comedy/Drama
Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! by David Rogers adapted from original from Max Shulman Comedy
Ralph Roister Doister by I E Clark adapted from original from Nicholas Udall Comedy
Ramona and Joel by August Mergelman Melodrama
Ramona Quimby by Len Jenkin adapted from original from Beverley Cleary Comedy
Ramshackle Inn by George Batson Mystery/Farce
Ransom of Red Chief (Bumgarner), The by Burton Bumgarner adapted from original from O'Henry Comedy
Ransom of Red Chief (Kral), The by Brian Kral adapted from original from O'Henry Childrens Play
Ransom of Red Chief (Martens), The by Anne Coulter Martens adapted from original from O Henry Comedy
Rant, The by Andrew Case Drama
Rantoul and Die by Mark Roberts Comedy
Rape of Bunny Stuntz, The by A R Gurney Comedy
Rappaccini's Daughter by Christopher P Nichols adapted from original from Nathaniel Hawthorne Tragedy
Rapunzel (Berger) by Sidney Berger adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rapunzel (Boettcher-Tate) by Karen Boettcher-Tate adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Childrens Play
Rapunzel (Bush) by Max Bush adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rapunzel (Ryzuk/Ryzuk - musical) by Mary Ryzuk and Regan Ryzuk adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rapunzel (Smith) by Noah Smith adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rapunzel (Wolfman) by Judy Wolfman adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fables
Rapunzel and the Tower of Partying by Jerry Rabushka Comedy/Fantasy
Rapunzel and the Witch by Jack Melanos adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Childrens Play
Rapunzel: A Hair Story by Dyan V Cavalli and Stephen Hotchner Comedy/Fantasy
Rashomon by Fay Kanin and Michael Kanin Drama
Rats (Christie) by Agatha Christie Melodrama
Rats (Horovitz) by Israel Horovitz Drama
Rats (Luczak) by James Edward Luczak Drama
Rattle in The Dash by Peter Anderson Comedy
Rattle of a Simple Man by Charles Dyer Comedy
Raven's Tale, The by Will Huddleston Fantasy
Ravenscroft by Don Nigro Mystery
Ravenswood by Terrence McNally Comedy
Raw Youth by Neal Bell Drama
Reactivated Man, The by Curtis Zahn Black Comedy
Ready for the River by Neal Bell Melodrama
Ready Steady Go by Sandra Redmond and Donald Adkins Childrens Play
Ready When You Are, C. B.! by Susan Slade Comedy
Real Close to Broadway! by Dan D'Amario Comedy
Real Inspector Hound, The by Tom Stoppard Comedy
Real Live Girl by Damien Atkins Monologues
Real Sleeping Beauty, The by Sara Barker Comedy
Real Story of the Three Little Pigs, The by Judy Wolfman and David Reiser Musical/Comedy
Real Thing, The by Tom Stoppard Comedy
Real Women Have Curves by Josefina Lopez Comedy
Really Rosie by Maurice Sendak and Carole King Musical
Reasonable Circulation by P J Barry Comedy
Reasons to be Pretty by Neil LaBute Comedy/Drama
Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier Drama
Rebel Armies Deep into Chad by Mark Lee Drama
Rebel Without a Cause by James Fuller adapted from original from Stewart Stern Drama
Rebel Women by Thomas Babe Drama
Rebel: Johnny Yuma at Appomattox, The by Andrew J Fenady Drama
Recent Tragic Events by Craig Wright Drama
Recipe for a Crime by Reginald Denham adapted from original from Margaret St Clair Comedy/Mystery
Reckless by Craig Lucas Comedy/Drama
Reckoning, The by Douglas Turner Ward Comedy/Drama
Reclining Figure by Harry Kurnitz Comedy
Red Address, The by David Ives Drama
Red Angel by Eric Bogosian Drama
Red Badge of Courage, The by Kathryn Schultz Miller Childrens Play
Red Black and Ignorant by Edward Bond Drama
Red Cat Of Chiang Mai, The by Vicki Bartholomew Childrens Play
Red Coat, The by John Patrick Shanley Drama
Red Devel Battery Sign by Tennessee Williams Drama
Red Eagle Falling, A by Ken Jones Drama
Red Emma by Carol Bolt Musical
Red Herring (Hollinger) by Michael Hollinger Comedy
Red Herring (Jones) by Russell Jones Comedy/Mystery
Red House Mystery, The by Ruth Perry adapted from original from A A Milne Drama/Mystery
Red King's Dream, The by David Belke Comedy
Red King's Dream: the Christmas edition, The by David Belke Comedy
Red Lamp, The by Hilliard Booth Comedy
Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp Comedy/Drama
Red Noses by Peter Barnes Comedy
Red Popcorn by Robert Alexander
Red River Haint, The by Arlie Garrett, Debby Garrett and Chuck Garrett Fantasy
Red Rose, The by le Clanche du Rand Fantasy
Red Roses for Me by Sean O'Casey Drama
Red Rover, Red Rover by Oliver Hailey Drama
Red Scare on Sunset by Charles Busch Comedy
Red Shoes (Lockwood), The by Kathleen Lockwood adapted from original from Hans Christian Andersen Childrens Play
Red Shoes (Schmidt), The by Hans Josef Schmidt adapted from original from Hans Christian Andersen Fantasy
Red Shoes (Short), The by Robin Short adapted from original from Hans Christian Andersen Fantasy
Red Train by Robert Auletta
Red-Headed League, The by Al Rodin adapted from original from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Drama
Redshirts by Dana Yeaton
Reduced for Quick Sale by Kent R Brown Comedy
Reduced Shakespeare Company in Completely Hollywood (abridged), The by Reed Martin and Austin Tichener
Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey by Evelyn Swensson adapted from original from Brian Jacques Fantasy
Redwood Curtain by Lanford Wilson Drama
Reefer Madness by Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney Musical
References to Salvadore Dali Make Me Hot by Jose Rivera Comedy/Drama
Reflections by Shirley Barrie Drama
Reflexes by Ryan Greenlaw Comedy
Refuge by Jessica Goldberg Drama
Regarding Electra by Maurice Valency Drama
Register Here by David Meyer Comedy/Mystery
Regrets Only by Paul Rudnick Comedy
Rehearsal for Death by George Batson Melodrama
Rehearsal for Murder by D D Brooke adapted from original from Richard Levinson Mystery
Rehearsal, The (Johnson and Black) by Pamela H Johnson and Kitty Black adapted from original from Jean Anouilh Drama
Rehearsal, The (Sams) by Jeremy Sams adapted from original from Jean Anouilh Drama
Reincarnation of Jamie Brown, The by Lynne Alvarez
Reindeer Soup by Joe Pintauro Drama
Relative Returns by Erik Fetler Comedy
Relative Strangers by Marilyn Boyle Comedy
Relative Values by Noel Coward Comedy
Relatively Speaking by Alan Ayckbourn Comedy
Relativity by Cassandra Medley Drama
Reliable Junk by Ric Averill Drama
Reluctant Debutante, The by William Douglas Home Comedy
Reluctant Dragon (Anderson), The by Steven C Anderson, Dana P Rowe and John Dempsey adapted from original from Kenneth Grahame Musical
Reluctant Dragon (Baron/Cohen - musical), The by Mark Baron and Gary Cohen Fantasy
Reluctant Dragon (Geisel), The by Jim Geisel adapted from original from Kenneth Grahame Fantasy
Reluctant Dragon (Surface), the by Mary Hall Surface adapted from original from Kenneth Grahame Childrens Play
Reluctant Resurrection of Sherlock Holmes, The by David Belke Comedy
Reluctant Rogue (or Mother's Day), The by John Patrick Comedy
Reluctant Tragic Hero, A by Paul Schmidt adapted from original from Anton Chekhov Play
Remains to be Seen by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse Mystery/Comedy
Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners, The by Reginald Rose Drama/Mystery
Remarkable Mr Pennypacker, The by Liam O'Brien Comedy
Remarkable Susan, The by Tim Kelly Drama
Remedial English by Evan Smith Comedy/Drama
Remember When by Samara Siskind Comedy
Rememberer, The by Steven Dietz adapted from original from Joyce Simmons Cheeka Drama
Remeo Revised by Wade Bradford adapted from original from William Shakespeare Comedy
Remus Tales by Stanley Vincent Longman adapted from original from Joel Chandler Harris Childrens Play
Rent by Jonathan Larson Musical
Repairs by Susan Miller Comedy/Drama
Request Stop by Harold Pinter Sketches
Requiem by Jerome McDonough Drama
Requiem for a Heavyweight by Rod Serling Drama
Requiem for the Innkeeper by Betty Andrews Holiday
Requiem for us by James Prideaux Play
Rescue & Recovery by Stephen Murray
Rescuing Dreamwood by Claudia Haas Comedy
Research at the Virginia Hysterical Society by Janice Fronczak Drama
Resident Alien by Stuart Spencer Comedy
Re-Sourcing by Laura Annawyn Shamas Comedy
Responsible Parties by Jeffrey Sweet Drama
Rest Assured (one act) by Donald Payton Comedy
Rest in Peace by Pat Cook Fantasy
Rest of the Night, The by Robert Lewis Vaughan Drama
Rest Stop by Craig Sodaro Drama
Restless Spirits by Allan Havis Mystery/Thriller
Restoration by Edward Bond Drama
Restoring the Sun by Joe Sutton Comedy/Drama
Retreat from Moscow, The by William Nicholson Drama
Return Engagements by Bernard Slade Comedy
Return of Herbert Bracewell or (Why Am I Always Alone When I'm With You?), The by Andrew Johns Comedy
Return of Pinocchio, The by Richard Nelson
Return to Calamity Gulch by Whitney Ryan Garrity Melodrama
Return to Sender by Matt Thompson Comedy
Return to the Forbidden Planet by Bob Carlton Musical
Return to Wonderland by Thom Bennett Fantasy
Reunion by Jerome McDonough Comedy/Drama
Reunion In Vienna by Robert Emmet Sherwood Comedy
Revelation (Barrie) by Shirley Barrie Comedy/Tragedy
Revelations (Anderson) by Christina Anderson
Revelers by Beth Henley Comedy
Revenge of Ichabod Crane, The by L Don Swartz adapted from original from Washington Irving Mystery
Revenge of the Snerd by James R DeLong Melodrama
Revenge of the Space Pandas or Binkey Rudich and the Two-Speed Clock, The by David Mamet Comedy/Fantasy
Revenger's Tragedy, The by Jesse Berger adapted from original from Thomas Middleton Thriller
Reverse Transcription: Six Playwrights Bury a Seventh by Tony Kushner
Reviving Ophelia by Cherie Bennett adapted from original from Dr Mary Pipher Drama
Revolt of Mother, The by Ruth Sergel adapted from original from Mary Wilkins Freeman Comedy
Revolting Characters by Kristyn Leigh Robinson Comedy
Rex (Gonzales) by Cassie Gonzales Drama
Rex (Pintauro) by Joe Pintauro Comedy/Drama
Reynard the Fox by Arthur Fauquez Childrens Play
RFK by Jack Holmes Drama
Rhesus Umbrella, The by Jeff Wanshel Comedy
Rhinoceros by Derek Prouse adapted from original from Eugene Ionesco Comedy
Rhubarb Jam by John Glore and Michael Silversher Comedy
Rib Cage by Larry Ketron Drama
Ribbon, The by Ashlee Taylor Moore Drama
Rich and Famous by John Guare Comedy
Richard Cory by A R Gurney Drama
Richard II by William Shakespeare
Richard III by William Shakespeare
Riches by Lee Blessing Comedy/Drama
Riches, Witches and Mystical Switches by Steve Cross Comedy
Riddle Me Ree by Martha Bennett King Childrens Play
Ride a Blue Horse by Aurand Harris Childrens Play
Ride Down Mount Morgan, The by Arthur Miller Drama
Riders of the Apocalypse (the reunion tour) by David Belke Comedy/Drama
Riders of the Sea (Barrie) by Shirley Barrie Fantasy
Riders to the Sea (Synge) by J M Synge Drama
Ridiculous Fraud by Beth Henley Comedy
Riff Raff by Laurence Fishburne Drama
RIFFED by Gabriel Dean
Right Before Your Eyes by Carl J Ferrara Childrens Play
Right Before Your Eyes (Hartman) by Steve D Hartman and Carl J Ferrara Fantasy
Right Behind the Flag by Kevin Heelan Black Comedy
Right Honourable Gentleman, The by Michael Dyne Drama
Right Kind of House, The by Anne Coulter Martens adapted from original from Henry Slesar Drama
Right to Remain Silent, The by Mark Fauser and Brent Briscoe Drama
Righting by Ernest Joselovitz Drama
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Susan Carle adapted from original from Rudyard Kipling Comedy
Rimers of Eldritch, The by Lanford Wilson Drama
Ring of Lead by Ken Pickering adapted from original from Sabine Baring-Gould Drama
Ring of Men by Adam Oliensis Drama
Ring of the Fettuccines, The by Dominic Meiman and Marie Allyn King Comedy/Fantasy
Ring Round the Moon by Christopher Fry adapted from original from Jean Anouilh Comedy
Ringing in the Groom by A A O'Keeffe and Lillian Gish Comedy
Riot Act, The by Will Greene Comedy
Riot Grrrrl Guitar by Robert Alexander
Rip Van Winkle by Charlotte Chorpenning adapted from original from Washington Irving Fantasy
Rip Van Winkle (Dorn) by Patrick Rainville Dorn adapted from original from Washington Irving Comedy
Ripe Conditions by Claudia Allen Comedy
Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket, The by Peter Parnell Drama
Rise and Shine, Summer Grove! by Dan D'Amario Comedy
Rise of the House of Usher by Sean Abley adapted from original from Edgar Allan Poe Comedy/Thriller
Ritual in Blood by Steven Berkoff Drama
Rivalry, The by Norman Corwin Drama
Rivals, The by Richard Brinsley Sheridan Comedy
River Between, The by Ford Ainsworth Melodrama
River Niger, The by Joseph A Walker Drama
River of Birds, The by Michael W Schaefer Musical
River of Tears by Mike Willis Drama
River Rat and Cat by Y York Comedy
River, The by James Elward Comedy/Drama
Riverbank Code, The by David Kruh Drama
Rivers of China, The by Alma de Groen Drama
Riverview, Tape 23 by Colleen Neuman Comedy
Road Show by Murray Schisgal Comedy
Road Through Melton, The by Grace Butt Drama
Road to Mecca, The by Athol Fugard Drama
Road to Rome, The by Robert Emmet Sherwood and Emmet Comedy
Road to the Graveyard, The by Horton Foote Drama
Roadside Freakshow by Michael Soetaert Comedy
Roar by Betty Shamieh Comedy/Drama
Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd, The by Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley, leslie Bricusse and Anthony newley Musical
Robe of the Galilean, The by John McGreevey adapted from original from Lloyd C Douglas Religious
Robe, The by John McGreevey adapted from original from Lloyd C Douglas Religious
Robin by Sarah Schulman
Robin Goodfellow by Aurand Harris adapted from original from William Shakespeare Childrens Play
Robin Hood (Kelly) by Tim Kelly Musical
Robin Hood (Nigro) by Don Nigro Comedy
Robin Hood (Norris) by James Norris Childrens Play
Robin Hood (Pisarski) by Cathryn Pisarski Fantasy
Robin Hood and Such by Klaire B. L. Pearson Childrens Play
Robin Hood Of Sherwood Forest by Kathleen Lockwood Childrens Play
Robin Hood The Courtship of Allan A'Dale by Ric Averill and Jeanne Averill Comedy/Drama
Robin Hood: The Next Generation by Shirley McNichols Comedy
Robinson Crusoe (Chorpenning) by Charlotte Chorpenning adapted from original from Daniel Defoe Childrens Play
Rock Bottom by Dan Roberts Comedy/Drama
Rock 'n' Roll by Tom Stoppard Comedy/Drama
Rock 'N' Roll Santa by R Eugene Jackson and Carl Alette Holiday
Rock Shore by Lisa Dillman Drama
Rock Star Comedy
Rockbound Welcome, The by Alan Haehnel Comedy
Rocket Man by Steven Dietz Comedy/Drama
Rocket to the Moon by Cliffford Odets Drama
Rocket Walkers by Peter Lancaster Walker Comedy
Rocking-Horce Winner (Booth), The by Roy C Booth Drama
Rocking-Horse Winner (Fuller), The by Clark Fuller adapted from original from D H Lawrence Drama
Rocks by Marc Palmieri Play
Rocks in the Bed by Kathleen Warnock Drama
Rocky Horror Show, The by Richard O'Brien Musical
Rodeo Mongolia by Charles Pascoe Musical
Rodney's Wife by Richard Nelson Comedy/Drama
Rodrigo Gets the Postmodern Blues by Roy C Booth Comedy/Fantasy
Roger & Miriam by Nicky Silver Comedy/Drama
Rolling Stop by Barton Bishop Drama
Roman Candle by Sidney Sheldon Comedy
Roman Conquest by John Patrick Comedy
Roman Fever by Renee Rebman adapted from original from Edith Wharton Drama
Romance by David Mamet Comedy
Romance in D by James Sherman Comedy
Romance of Magno Rubio, The by Lonnie Carter, Carlos Bulosan and Ralph B Pena Drama
Romance, Inc. by Glenn Hughes Comedy
Romancers, The by Jenny Newell Cook and Lorraine Thompson adapted from original from Edmund Rostand Comedy
Romanoff and Juliet by Sir Peter Ustinov Comedy
Romans by Saint Paul by Orlin Corey Childrens Play
Romantic Comedy by Bernard Slade Comedy
Romantic Conspiracy by Leota Harris Keir Comedy
Romantic Poetry by John Patrick Shanley and Henry Krieger Comedy
Rome Is Where the Heart Is by David Grote and Arthur Wilmurt adapted from original from Plautus Comedy
Romeo and Beatrice and Toto, Too by Claudia Haas Comedy
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Drama
Romeo and Juliet - A 45-Minute Foray Into Shakespeare by Rosina Mason Whitfield Drama
Romeo and Juliet (Magnus) by Eric L Magnus adapted from original from William Shakespeare Drama
Romeo and Juliet (Perry) by Ruth Perry adapted from original from William Shakespeare Drama
Romeo and Juliet or The Old "You-Know-I-Really-Love-You-But-My-Father-Really-Hates-You" Blues by Nancy Linehan Charles adapted from original from William Shakespeare Comedy/Drama
Romeo and Juliet...and Hamlet, Too by Jack Nuzum adapted from original from William Shakespeare Comedy
Romeo and Juliet—Together (and Alive!) at Last by Sandra Fenichel Asher Comedy/Drama
Romeo, Juliet, and Toto, Too. by Burton Bumgarner Comedy
Romola and Nijinsky by Lynne Alvarez
Romulus by Gore Vidal adapted from original from Frederich Durrenmatt Comedy
Room 222 by Christopher Sergel adapted from original from James L Brooks Comedy
Room for One More by William Davidson adapted from original from Anna Perrott Rose Wright Comedy
Room of One's Own, A by Patrick Garland adapted from original from Virginia Woolf
Room Service by John Murray and Allen Boretz Comedy
Room, The by Harold Pinter Drama
Roomers by Jerome McDonough Comedy
Roomful of Roses, A by Edith Sommer Comedy/Drama
Rooming House, The by Conrad Bromberg Drama
Roommates by Mary Orr Comedy/Drama
Roosevelt High School Emily Dickinson Literary Appreciation Society, The by Michael Soetaert Comedy
Roosters by Milcha Sanchez-Scott Drama
Root of Chaos, The by Douglas Soderberg Comedy
Roots in a Parched Ground by Horton Foote Drama
Roots in Water by Richard Nelson Comedy/Drama
Rope (Hamilton) by Patrick Hamilton Drama
Rope (O'Neill), The by Eugene O'Neill Drama
Rope Swings, The by Toni Wilson Drama
Rosalee Pritchett by Carlton Molette and Barbara Molette Drama
Rosario and the Bull by Casey Mraz and David Mraz Childrens Play
Rosary by Jean-Claude van Itallie Drama
Rosa's Eulogy by Richard Strand
Rose by Any Other Color, A by David Muschell Drama
Rose for Emily, A by Joseph Robinette adapted from original from William Faulkner Drama/Mystery
Rose in Its Time: The Jennie Wade Story, A by Jeffrey M Watts Drama
Rose of Corazon by Keith Glover, Billy Thompson and George Caldwell Musical
Rose of Treason, The by James DeVita Childrens Play
Rose Tattoo, The by Tennessee Williams Drama
Rosebloom by Harvey Perr Drama
Rosemary with Ginger by Edward Allan Baker Drama
Rosen by Any Other Name, A by Israel Horovitz Drama
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard Comedy
Rosen's Son by Joe Pintauro Comedy/Drama
Rose's Dilemma by Neil Simon Comedy
Rosie Learns French by Carol Bolt Comedy
Rosmersholm by Michael Meyer adapted from original from Henrik Ibsen Drama
Roswell by Bruce Barton
Rouge Atomique by N Richard Nash Drama/Fantasy
Rough Crossing by Tom Stoppard adapted from original from Ferenc Molnar Comedy
Rough Magic by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Fantasy
Rough Night at the North Pole by Craig Alpaugh Comedy
Roulette by Paul Weitz Drama
Round and Round the Garden by Alan Ayckbourn Comedy
Round the Bend by Alan R Davis Drama
Rounding Third by Richard Dresser Comedy
Routed by Jeffrey Sweet Comedy
Rowing to America: The Immigrant Project by J Rufus Caleb, Kitty Chen and Robert Clyman Comedy/Drama
Royal Affair, A by Luis Santeiro Comedy
Royal Family, The by Edna Ferber and George S Kaufman Comedy
Royal Gambit by George White adapted from original from Hermann Gressieker Historical
Royal Hunt of the Sun, The by Peter Shaffer Historical
Royal Woes and Scandalous Clothes by Edith Weiss Comedy
Rubber Room , The by Pat Cook Comedy
Rubbers by Jonathan Reynolds Comedy
Ruby Plumb by Les Epstein Drama
Ruby Sunrise, The by Rinne Groff Drama
Rude Awakenings by Renee Clark Drama
Rude Mechanicals, The by Ed Graczyk adapted from original from William Shakespeare Childrens Play
Rudolph's Big Secret by Coni Koepfinger and Donna Howard Holiday
Ruined by Lynn Nottage Drama
Rules of Charity, The by John Belluso Comedy/Drama
Rules of Love by Joe Pintauro Comedy/Drama
Ruling Class, The by Peter Barnes Farce
Rum and Vodka by Conor McPherson Drama
Rumble Fish by Marcus Romer adapted from original from S E Hinton Drama
Rumors by Neil Simon Comedy
Rumpelstiltskin (Daugherty) by Linda Daugherty adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Comedy/Fantasy
Rumpelstiltskin (Johanson) by Robert Johanson and Albert Evans adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rumpelstiltskin! (Gupton - musical) by Edward Gupton and Duke Marsh adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rumple Schmumple by Megan Gogerty Comedy
Rumplestiltskin (Chorpenning) by Charlotte Chorpenning Childrens Play
Rumplestiltskin Is My Name by R Eugene Jackson adapted from original from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Fantasy
Rumplestiltskin: A Participation Play by Moses Goldberg Childrens Play
Run For Your Wife by Ray Cooney Comedy
Run, Thief, Run! by Joe Manchester Suspense
Runaway by Ed Graczyk and Gerry Pyle Childrens Play
Runaway Home by Javon Johnson
Runaway Presents, The by Judith Martin, Irving Burton, Pilar Garcia and Donald Ashwander Childrens Play
Runaways (Christopher) by Jay Christopher Drama
Rundown by Robert Auletta Drama
Runner Stumbles, The by Milan Stitt Drama
Running in the Red by Karl Tiedermann Comedy
Running on Empty by Jack Heifner Comedy/Drama
Running Upstream by Bryan McCampbell Drama
Rupert's Birthday by Ken Jenkins Monologues
Rush Limbaugh in Night School by Charlie Varon Comedy
Rush! by David John, Kevin Lynch and Richard Marrett Drama
Russet Mantle by Lynn Riggs Comedy
Rust by Kirsten Greenidge
Ruthless by Joel Paley and Marvin Laird Musical