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Agatha Christie Made Me Do it
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Title: Agatha Christie Made Me Do it
Author(s): Eddie Cope
Licensing Agent: I E Clark Publications
Genre: Comedy
Length: Full Length
Male Roles: 6
Female Roles: 5
Extras: 0

Description: This funny, funny 3-act spoof of the mystery play set box-office records in its nine-performance premiere as the annual melodrama at Houston's Theatre Suburbia, followed by numerous performances on the dinner theatre circuit. Police Officer Hootspah decided that writing about crime is better than his real-life job of dealing with it on the street. He takes Agatha Christie's murder mysteries as his model and starts out. In spite of Hootspah's constant bumbling and ineptness, the characters he creates take over and the story which emerges is funny. For example, the main character, a playboy type, wakes up from two days of "sleeping it off " to discover that he has two brides and a fiancee. It's funny and it's suspenseful - not only are we kept guessing who did the murder, we keep wondering why the corpse keeps disappearing...and where.

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